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They have not vaccinated their child against varicella and now the child suffers from serious consequences: "We will always be sorry"

February 25, 2019

Both the mother and the father of the child believe that this is only a general condition and that vaccines are not mandatory.

A woman has not vaccinated her child with chicken pox and now suffers from serious consequences:

The episode was made public after the user of the Twitter, @PreguntaMama, publishes a strong testimony that mentions how the disputed decision affects the youngest child of marriage.

"I go with a thread (personal, a thousand apologies) about how my decision not to vaccinate my son against chickenpox has affected us forever", the text begins with man Venezuela,

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome

The woman admitted that, along with her husband, they believed that chickenpox was a condition that did not worry and that not all vaccines are mandatory. "So that, We decided not to vaccinate our children against this disease in particular. We have consulted our pediatrician and confirmed that this is a personal decision. This was by no means a big risk "– he said.

When her eldest daughter infected chicken pox, they wanted her other son, two and a half years old, to get sick because other parents told them that the less this condition is, the less annoying, "So, although the disease starts in the largest, We wanted the child to conclude itto get out of this, recognizes the mother of the child.

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But he recalled: "Unlike my oldest daughter, the little one was much more affected. There was a rash on everyone, everywhere. Very discomfort and constant crying. We thought the worst happened, they are terrible days, but what was really terrible was still ahead,

"Two weeks later, my son begins to cry, feel awkward, want to be in the chest. I notice when I nurse him that he can not put his mouth well on his chest. Half his face had fallen. My two-year-old face had face paralysis"the woman continued.

Finally, in the service of neuropediatrics the child is diagnosed Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which happened because the virus remained in the nerves. This means that the disease remains inactive or latent, but can be activated years later and affects the facial nerves. In addition to pain, can cause permanent facial paralysis, hearing loss, eye damage or post-herpetic neuralgia,

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"He needed antivirals such as aciclovir, muscle therapy, language therapy, and plenty of boobs and pleasure to overcome this challenge. He suffered a lot of pain, it was very difficult for him to speak well (he still has problems in it), he has a slight deafness … He also suffers from dizziness, dizziness when doing simple activities like swinging in the park, riding in the car or when walking long distances. He has an eye down because it is impossible to restore the full eyelid motility., detailed about his son's condition.

To finish the message that quickly became the virus, the Venezuelans concluded: Today we celebrate his sixth birthday. We thank God for having a stubborn and ardent son. We always regret our decision not to vaccinate against chickenpox and when we can, we will tell the other parents. You say it too.,

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