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They invaded the lawyer Alesio: he had weapons and spy equipment – 02/13/2019

With a few hours of discrepancy, justice took two attacks on Tuesday at Marcello Alessio's attorney's office in Buenos Aires's Esteban Echeverria, in the context of two cases, one dealing with the Lomas de Zamora federal court and another of Dolores.

During operations carried out in the country of St. Thomas, police abducted modern technological weapons, alleged espionage devicescars with police beacons, bulletproof vests, computers, mobile phones, DEA registration number and FBI T-shirts.

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Hillary's judge at Zamora Federico Villena dealt with a money-launder transaction initiated in 2016 by which Alessio prevented his goods.

Within this file Villena asked his couple Dolores, Alejo Ramos Padilla, to testify to him with a new case against the mediation lawyer in which he was investigated for the alleged extortion of an agricultural entrepreneur, he condemned him for having asked him for 300 000 dollars to distinguish it from the bribery case. According to Alesio, this bribe will go to the prosecutor Carlos Stormelli.

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The order ordered by Ramos Padilla includes the presence of the assessment court, which is why the aim is to assess the lawyer's assets for a possible right of detention.

Stornelli, who also convicted the lawyer for fraud, told the newspaper interview that Alesio may be a psychiatric patient who publicly says "lies and lies", "In the fauna of people who (with the courts) have real information, and not, there is everything, and maybe we are exposed to the admission of a psychiatric patient like this case," the prosecutor said.

In turn, the NSA denied on Wednesday that the Attorney-at-law Alesio was either acting or recruited from this portfolio.

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"Faced with various media that are in the public domain, this is reported by the Ministry of National Security Marcello Alessio did not hold the post or was employed by this ministerial portfolio during the governance we are developing since 10 December 2015, "notes a statement containing the signatures of Gerardo Milman, Head of the Ministry's Main Coordination Unit, and Ariel Toglia, Director-General of the Human Resources Department.


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