Wednesday , January 20 2021

They invaded the municipality of Avelleneda to investigate diversion

Prefecture Naval troops invaded the municipality of Avellaneda on the order of the federal court of Quilmes by Luis Armella in the context of a case investigating the alleged deviation of funds,

The operation in the municipality, headed by the Mayor of the Iron Curtain Jorge Ferreres, aims to seek evidence of alleged illegal maneuvers with public funds.

As you can confirm from the sources of the investigation, justice refers to a possible appropriation of "social funds" worth 300 million pesos through the "social cooperatives of Avellaneda" and would include the Ministry of Social Development of the Nation, the Buenos Aires province and the New Aires Federation of Labor Cooperatives.

According to the file, the maneuvers would be carried out in 2013, 2014 and 2015, a period in which Ferrès is already a mayor de Avellaneda, the current Santa Cruz governor, Alicia Kirchner, serves as national development minister and Eduardo Aparisio as her colleague in Buenos Aires.

Sources close to Mayor Ferrara have told Telam that "this is a political maneuver and everything is an invention."

The case filed by Judge Armela shows that the funds were transferred by the Provincial Ministry of Social Development and from there they go to the Federation of Cooperatives de Trabajo Nuevos Aires to do business.

Federation of Co-operative Societies, always according to the file, subcontractors of companies that are supposed to be related to civil servants, which is trying to prove in the lawsuit.

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