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They Investigate Influenza Death of 4-Year-Old Girl Vaccinated – 17/07/2019

Then death of a 4-year-old girl who had a flueven if vaccinated, the Mar del Plata National Institute of Epidemiology (INE) has been practicing identification studies which of the strains is the one that is loose in the fatal descent,

The baby is admitted to HIEMI in the weekend with flu-like symptoms that worsen and lead to cardiac complications, INE CEO Mauriceio Betteiro confirmed.

Employee of Buenos Aires supports this this is an "exception"because the little girl was vaccinated against flu and was not in the risk group. He confirmed that a PCR study is currently under way, to determine what kind of flu, if it is H1N1 or H3N2The one who caused death.

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The case is the first in Zone VIII, which covers a population of 1 400 000 people, while in Buenos Aires they have registered. 13 deaths since 2019òÀÝ Beideiro told him.

The baby is at the original level of Colegio Nueva Pompeya, in Maipú at 4000, where on Tuesday there was no class for a duel, "Let's accompany the prayer of the whole community to the family at this difficult time," they said on social networks Monday.

According to the health authorities, the little girl has entered Hemi, on a Sunday afternoon "with a very serious septic state", which is when there is generalized infection, the reason why it had to be transferred immediately to the field of intensive care. Despite the doctors' efforts to stabilize her, the baby died on Monday night. The diagnosis is myocarditis.

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They did a few studies and the flu positive test for influenza AAn epidemiologist Analia Reart of Hiemi said the specimen was sent to the National Institute of Epidemiology, "where another more specific technique called PCR will be conducted that will allow us to know what type of influenza A is tested in the United States for deep genetic analysis. "The result of these studies may be known in the next few hours.

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