Sunday , May 16 2021

They killed a fighter from Steppe

At a conference, CTEP officials reported yesterday to the police Credit: CTEP

He was trying to take land; the group headed by Gbaa accused the Buenos Aires police; in the Department of Security they spoke of an internal struggle

During an attempt to take land at the party


, 36-year-old extremist Rodolfo Ronald Orelyana from OOP-OTEP was killed yesterday at dawn

Juan Groba


The social organization denounces police repression, and Buenos Aires argues that it is an internal confrontation. The Buenos Aires Security Minister,

Christian Ritondo

I expected the autopsy result last night and I was convinced it was a struggle within the social organization. But CTEP and then Grabois report that he died with a bullet as a result of police repression during the expulsion of the shot.

Near Ritonde spoke of what was "humming" during a struggle between antagonistic groups among usurpares. "For us, the police did not kill him, it was a confrontation between them, we would wait for the autopsy and the opinion of the scientific department," a high-ranking source said. "There are strange things in the hospital, some have versions, some are weapons, others are weapons," they added.

In his Twitter account, Grobid said in the morning that "Rodolfo Orelyana of the CMO-CCPP was shot dead by police in a land dispute in Selina, people are desperate all over the country without work, no roof, they can not hire and eat at the same time, the government only increases cruelty. "

Eagle, the victim
Eagle, the victim Credit: Twitter

Then at afternoon at a press conference, Pablo Puebla, a reference to the CMO, said that at about 1 am "there were rumors that there was land to borrow."

"This is a neighborhood in which most families hire a piece of two, four to four, and the rent is according to what you produce: if you are a good worker or if you work well on the textile issue, they are charging you One way this great injustice is alive, "said the social leader. Then they noticed there were two patrol cars on the spot. "If they enter there, there will be war, if they want war, they will fight," Puebla said, who were the threats they heard from the soldiers.

"We have four detained neighbors, two of whom participate in Solina Tierra's picnic area of ​​Villa Selina and one of them is breastfeeding," Puebla said, reporting that the four detainees were transferred to different police stations in the suburbs.

The incident happened about six in the morning in state property on road 4 and Reach highway, at a height of 12 in Villa Selina. In the middle of the cross-section, Orelana is already known to have died at the Alberto Balettini Hospital in La Matanzza.

According to the Confederation of People's Economy (CTEP), Orelana was shot in the back when the Buenos Aires police stepped in to evict the residents of the premises.

At the same time, government sources said that "the medical report states that there is no bullet in the plates of the abdomen, chest and skull. [Orellana] it has a nail hole, a product of a sharp element, although it could not have caused death. He also has a wound on the punch in his head. "They also said that 911 calls reporting the incident" do not mention police involvement. "Judicial sources point out to LA NACION that there is still no information. we have to wait for the reasons for death, "they said.

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