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They operate a baby in their mother's womb for the first time in maternity

Saturday, February 2nd, 2019, 17:48

It was a delicate intervention, but it ended successfully. For the first time at Maternidad Nuestra Señora de Las Mercedes, they performed intrauterine fetal surgery. Doctors put a lasting leak of the woman, which will prevent her baby from saturating fluid between the chest and the lungs, which leads to the normal development of her organs.

It is a surgery performed on the fetus while it is still inside the mother's uterus. This type of intervention is only performed when there are fetal illnesses or malformations that, if not repaired in time, can seriously affect their development during pregnancy or cause serious postpartum illness.

Dr. Sabino Jill Pulise of the maternity team says that a baby who has a pregnancy about five months has had fluid between the chest and the lungs that prevents it from developing and developing normally

"The technique we used was ultrasound, ie we used the ultrasound images and inserted a needle through which we crossed the rib cage through the ribs, – explained the professional.

"Not only did we run out of the liquid," he added, "but a permanent drainage, a catheter, was left in. If this operation was not done, the chances of survival would be low for the baby."

For her part, hospital director Elena Hurtado underlined the importance of this type of technology. "Thanks to the Ministry of Public Health, we have a department for maternal fetal medicine where we can offer mothers procedures ranging from ultrasound diagnostics to high complexity to laser surgery and we have all the technology and equipment to do that kind of intervention. he confirmed.

In this sense, he explained that thanks to the early detection of this condition, which has led to the health of the fetus, it can save the baby's life. "It is very important for patients to perform an early prenatal check for a safe pregnancy for mother and baby""he advised.

The Fetal Health Office visits from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 12. This service carries out diagnoses of various pathologies in an early fashion to avoid future problems.



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