Saturday , May 8 2021

They run mobile apps to make it easier to get started

The app will allow people to gain access to training courses, which increases their chances of having jobs in the short term. F.E.

The ComIT communication program will allow access to Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets for various IT training courses such as programming, artificial intelligence, databases, user experience design, and more. Civic Comunication IT (ComIT) launches its mobile application for IT training and IT skills. The application has been submitted for eight courses.

The development of the app and its content is possible thanks to the support of, Google's philanthropic hand. This contribution has made ComIT able to initiate a digital citizens training initiative, including programs related to the dissemination of artificial intelligence.

Each course consists of between five and eight classes of approximately one hour. Each of them has an introductory video, content and a test with multiple choices to evaluate the knowledge gained by users. In many of them there will also be practical exercises. When passing all the exams, the user will pass the course and win the appropriate badge or medal.

Developing the ComIT application is part of a project supported by

Pablo Lintart, co-founder and CEO of ComIT, said that "we are very excited about the launch of the Comunidad IT mobile application." Given the widespread use of smart mobile devices, we believe the app will allow many people access to training courses , which will increase their chances of working in a very short space of time. "While Soledad Akuna, co-founder and chief operating officer of ComIT, stressed that" the opportunity to attend smartphone courses gives students more flexibility, offers opportunities to optimize learning time and also increases opportunities for people who have less time or difficulties with distance to gain access to classroom content. "

The mobile application can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

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