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They show how alcohol damages DNA and generates dangerous dependence

13 February 2019

Although many studies guarantee that a glass of wine can bring health benefits, another great scientific analysis draws attention to the few positive aspects of alcohol consumption in any amount, and in this regard they ensure that even a single drink has a negative impact on our organism

At the University of Rutgers, in the United States, a group of scientists have discovered – in collaboration with researchers from the Yale University Medical School – alcohol changes the DNA in a way that can generate the feeling that it wants to consume more and more,

The study focuses on two genes related to behavioral control and how they are modified by alcohol. The first is PER2, influencing the biological clock, and POMC, which regulates the stress response mechanismAfter comparing two groups of drinkers – the first of moderate consumption and the second one with people who drink excessively – they point out that the genes have been modified in this latter group: they slow down protein production and increase the impulse and taste of stress situations.

The more swallows, the more changes in the genes are highlighted. And so a vicious circle has started: the more alcohol you have consumed, and therefore the genes have been damaged, the greater the readiness to continue to drink"We found that people who drink a lot can change DNA in a way that makes them want more alcohol. This can help explain why alcoholism is so strong dependence ",

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