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They sold the house where Sergio Shocklander lives

December 7, 2018

Justice ordered the auction because it had a debt to the creditors. Now the former mother's lawyer at Plaza de Mayo is trying to cancel the measure.

Sergio Shocoler and his ex-wife Viviana Salah, try to stop, however auction house Villa Určiza, where they have lived together for years. According to Infobae, the new one "Owners" paid $ 271,000 to keep the house, far from 480,000 private ratings.

The measure is still not effective because the former parent's agent and his ex-wife presented a battery of resources. If justice confirms the trial (now it is in the Civil Chamber), that would be the first money "recovered" in the reason shared dreams, a scandal that will be brought to trial in 2019.

The court auction of the house, located in Guwara 1430, was ordered by a civil judge before mortgage They had given Shocklender some of the money.

The auction, which is responsible for the auctioneer Alberto Pantaleón Bianco, was finalized on Oct. 3 on a base of 270,000 dollars. Buyers, Gabriela Eugenia Topaline and Fernando Angel Maresca, paid only $ 1,000 to save the house. But in reality the operation is completed with a sign of nearly $ 80,000 deposited on a bank account.

Since then, Schoklender and his ex-wife have been trying to stop an auction coming into effect by appealing to the Civil Chamber.

In the Sueños Compartidos fraud case where more than twenty defendants are involved, Judge Martinez de Georges captured dozens of properties, a ship and even an airplane in the name of Melrerec's company. All of these assets can only be sold at the end of the trial, as long as there are convictions.

After almost eight years, the judicial investigation is over. After the court's January fair, the judge will raise the case. In this process The Schoklender brothers, their environment, the mother's owner Hebe de Bonafini and former Ministry of Planning officials will be sued. It remains only to resolve the situation of former Minister Julio De Vido.

The house on Gouva Street was acquired by Schoklender and his wife before the Plan for Shared Dreams began, but since it appears in the name of Viviana Sala, who is investigating and inviting an invitation to investigate, the judge plans to ask the precautionary measure that the auction money is deposited in a bank account.

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