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They stopped the Uruguayan motorcycle again, which was closed for 24 hours

The Uruguayan "motorrot", who was detained last week and who remained imprisoned for less than 24 hours and was released under the requirement of domicile in the country, was again arrested in a neighborhood in Buenos Aires in Pompeii, accused of has stolen a backpack, informed police sources.

That's what it is all about Antonio Franco (36) arrested on Friday night by members of the police station of Buenos Aires Police Station 5B when leaving his home on Raulet 200.

The man is accused of having stolen his backpack last Monday, and the victim of the attack was denounced at the police station, who has acknowledged the Uruguayan "motohoro" as the author of the act after spreading his image to the media, a police spokesman said.

After being detained, Franco was transferred to the respective agency and was available to justice.

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As far as detention is concerned, the Secretary of Security of Buenos Aires, Marcello AlessandroHe assured him "This time, from justice, there were quick actions that before the tests ordered this man's arrest and a great job of the brigades that could catch her in a short time",

"We will now wait for justice to be resolved in relation to this man who has huge ancestors of crime in the country"– said the official.

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Franco was detained on January 23, when he was traveling with an accomplice by Vice President Linares in 900, and noticed the presence of police personnel hiding. Given the suspicious attitude, the police encountered them in order to identify them and find out that the man had been requested to expel if he was found in the country because he had two court files for which he was arrested and transferred to the 10th police station, district 5-B, in the neighborhood of Floresta.

The Uruguayan citizen remains in jail for less than 24 hours and is exempt from the requirement to establish a domicile in the country.

Meanwhile, according to reports of recidivism, Uruguayan Franco was sentenced in 2007 to three years imprisonment as co-authoring material for an armed robbery for which he was probated in April next year. Then, in 2014, he was accused of vehicle theft on public roads, which is aggravated by a minor's participation, and was eventually sentenced to three years in prison in 2015, but was granted an assisted release February last year. Only five days after his arrest and his subsequent release until the day, Franko carried the robot theft under the motojetro.

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When the wounded went to the police station to remove their belongings found by a homeless, he reported that he had recognized Franco after distributing his images of the clothes he wore on the day of the event and the motorcycle he was driving on. ,

For this reason, according to police sources, the penal and correctional courts 62 intervene, is responsible for Patricia Gichandutand the arrest of the accused and the search for his house were ordered, although the magistrate later stated that he was not responsible for this case.
Judge Gichandut was questioned this week, among others, by President Mauriceio Macri and Head of Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, to execute it in the file Jair Jurado Mora (25), the Colombian "motochorro," who stole a cell phone and to whom he had "probation" and returned 700 pesos to the victim.

The National Migration Directorate has already ordered his expulsion from the country and is being sought by the police.

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