Monday , January 25 2021

This is a trick to hide photos and videos from your gallery with mobile phones

This is the easy way to hide your photos and videos in the gallery on your mobile phone.

Every time smartphones store more personal information and all kinds of files stored in your memory. on photos and the videos we download or receive on social networks are part of these files.

All of this is displayed in the gallery folder, which means that anyone who has access to our mobile phone can see the full content of the photos and video clips.

There is an Android mobile phone trick in which, in a simple way, we can hide those files that we only want we can see.

For this you need to create a .nomedia file in the folder that contains these photos and videos we want to hide. You need to have an application on your mobile phone that allows you to create files and folders inside your mobile phone.

This way, you can check your SUBE on your mobile phone and load the balance

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