Monday , June 21 2021

this is his new look


WhatsApp continuous input small improvements in the app to make life easier. Recently, in beta 2.18.384 launched in mid-December 2018, the company introduced a a new redesign for 357 emojis, The company created a more personalized look for these emoticons and now they have made new modifications.

21 modifications of WhatsApp emojis

In particular, these new changes affect the version 2.19.21 beta for Androidwhere are they modifies the design of 21 emoticosy in general. As we can see, modifications are barely noticeable in most cases, but WhatsApp strives to simplify and further unite the aspect they have for distinguish itself from its competitors.

Among the emoticons that change the most are in love, whose hearts are smaller and the smile is not so greatThe stunned man turns his eyebrows in a way that he does not look so worried, while the one who looks suspiciously up right now makes it more straight, not turning them sideways but flat.

This the version is not free from damage, as it also includes a problem it causes Search for stickers, which It still does not work. The bug is still present even in version 2.19.21 beta, but it does not take long to fix it.

WhatsApp will soon enable protection with the application's footprint

From beta 2.19.21, it is also possible to activate the certification, thanks to which we can protect access to WhatsApp through fingerprints. It is also possible to use others access credentials in case you the mobile device does not have a fingerprint readerIf you have a fingerprint reader, you will need to have it Android 6.0 Marshmallow or later.

This security feature will be activated remotely within very fewbecause the entire code associated with the feature is already in the app. We hope that the fall last Wednesday had nothing to do with the introduction of these new features from a distance WhatsApp came to be downloaded for almost an hour all over the world, which also affect Spain.

Written by Alberto Garcia

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