Tuesday , January 19 2021

this is the Arena War, Rockstar's explosive struggle with motorized gladiators

This Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available and online launch does not mean that Rockstar Games has forgotten Grand Theft Auto Online: Moto Arena It's already there, and it's definitely not another driving test. This is the most explosive race in the game!

Essentially, the update Arena war offers a new type of motorized race that takes place in Labyrinth Bank Arena, a kind of indoor stadium in which not only the speed and skill of the wheel, but also the ability to destroy other runners.

For the case they have added new types of personalized vehicleswhose design is on Mad Max It feels great for a tonic that will live in this new arena, and seven new modes, The Goal? Compete, destroy, raise levels, and get more and better toys to intimidate our opponents … and tell them to thousands of viewers.

Welcome to the Arena de Motores, the place where the relentless gladiator battle joins the innovative technology of modifying cars in a spectacular (and highly flammable) race.

Sign up and start a new career under the stratospheric dome of Maze Bank Arena, which includes creating the brains of your opponents behind the wheel for entertainment thanks to Alan Jerome's production.

And as an advance, here is the trailer created for the case. all crucible for free destruction and entertainment in the style of Los Santos.

Moto Arena (Arena War) is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions GTA Online, And given that Christmas and the change of the year are just around the corner, we are almost certain that Rockstar is still surprised GTA V before the end of the year.

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