Monday , January 18 2021

This is what unlocked mode offers after overcoming The Lost Star World of Super Smash Bros Ultimate –

You may not have found it yet, but after overcoming the regime The World of Lost Stars of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Surprise awaits you in the form of a new gameplay. Although you can imagine what it is, we'll include the information under the spoilers' line.

This is a new game mode called "New Game +" which also offers some challenges for players with certain characteristics. In case you have an interest, we leave you your key points below:

  • All unlockable fighters, activities and adventure skills are transferred
  • You can win every second spirit of the World of Lost Stars for the second time
  • This new + can be saved to another record
  • You are rewarded with 20,000 Spirit Points when you start this new + match, as this is one of the challenges of the game

What do you think? Have you agreed to this mode?

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