Friday , December 4 2020

"This program …", Mirta Legrad threw Andy Kusnetsof's "stick"

Mirta Legrand, like all the weekends, I came back to avenge the war for the rating every Saturday night. Preparing the program primate He uses what happened in the suspension of the game between River and Boca to make a clear difference with his rival, Andy Kuznetsow in a new duel for the audience.

These last hours of the only thing that is being said is the national and world scandal that was experienced in the former super-class where the stadium blocks against the bus in which Boca players traveled, I have finished the great sporting event to be held lives. This was the subject that monopolized media and social media attention.

We are left to the world, and besides, I have shame, apart from the disgust, the people who have been. There were children, they could not leave the stadium, wanted to go to the bathroom, and the bathrooms were not working, or they were saturated, Chikki about the sorry and repulsive events that happened a few yards from Monumental, and added: "It was really terrible violence, what barbarity was very cruel, very cruel, hoping it would not happen again

To the surprise of all, primate I took the opportunity to hint against Andy Kusnetszof. I was indignant, gentlemen, we will talk about everything that happened today in Buenos Aires, because this program comes out live, he says.

What did Mirta mean by this phrase? Obviously, regarding PH, we can talk about the cycle of Telefe by Andy, a program recorded, unlike yours, the Night of Mirta. How accurate are the boys? Ten minutes after ten, he added the legend of Argentine television. Once again, Legrand reveals his rivalry with the former CQC who won him Saturday after Saturday.

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