Sunday , January 17 2021

Those that were missing! Facebook launched a new emotion and surprised everyone

Facebook introduces 157 new emoticons added to the design review

Menlo Park confirmed that its main smiley update for 2018 is now available to most consumers. Referesh introduces 157 new emotions in addition to a brilliant design review.

Here are some of the novelties and changes:

This update marks the second major redesign of the giant's emoticon set in California in less than two years.

The six new smiles Emoji Emotion 11.0 are available: Face Face Smiles with 3 Hearts, Face Face Stunned, Face Face Hot, Face Face Cold, Face Face, Face Face and Face Face.

Below is a selection of emoticons that have seen significant changes to this release. These designs are already bright with strong gradients and almost 3D design.

This is a change in aesthetics over previous designs and reflects the trends seen in Apple's and WhatsApp's designer sets in recent years.

The re-design by the California giant has highlighted that the motivation behind the new series is to adapt to the variety of existing platforms.

"We realized the need to press the shape, color and vitality to feel at home on different surfaces like cameras, stories, videos, etc. The end result is the emotion that is not only more expressive and fun, great depth and dimension ".

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