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Tired to pay the rent, buy an army, and now there's a deluxe house

February 25, 2019

A young man at age 24 transforms a vehicle into his own home with a total investment of $ 20,000. His photos from Instagram became viral.

Rent paid, one of the most common ways to lose money, but at the same time an essential need for those who do not have the necessary capital to pay for their own home. The case of Tom Duckworth It fits perfectly into these two claims and therefore seeks to stop paying rent and having its own roof.

This 24-year-old boy surprised his followers after acquiring a military truck, although his goals were much more than simply having a car. The boy, who is an expert on rebuilding the car, transforms it 100% and turns it into your first home,

Dukuort He was born in England and became the owner of Bedford MJ, which took about a year to be transformed. Its total investment is $ 20,000 and she qualifies this purchase as the best of her life, as there is now room for living and traveling at the same time.

"This is a good place, though little for two people. This gives me the freedom not to have to pay bills, as well as the possibility of traveling– He commented on the house built on a truck.

They underestimated her to buy a destroyed truck, but she embellished it and pressed all

On the other hand Dukuort He is one of those environmental advocates and hence installed solar panels in his new home to give electricity to his house. He also installs a rain collection system to add water.

The whole process was shared by male animal in your account InstagramThe process is initiated by a steel frame that is used as a base and on which wooden boards are placed. Inside the truck there are places to rest and relax. In addition, the structure has a hatch in the roof where you can go out and take advantage of a small terrace.

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