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Today's horoscope, August 13, 2019, for all zodiac signs


IN Today's horoscope is Tuesday, August 13, you are now very close to the Full Moon in Aquarius, which will happen on Thursday.

This stage of the moon is good for launching projects that you want to complete quickly, without objection and that are successful.

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Each time you have a few days to reach the full moon, your mood changes and you get very close emotions that are difficult to cope with.

But today, it is important to be able to overcome this and concentrate on the ideas or projects you want to present in your work, and at the same time want them to accept them quickly and without objection.

Invest all your energy and prepare each topic. I recommend you get organized to make this presentation between today and Thursday. You will see that you will be very successful.

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The moon is already in the sign of Capricorn, and it helps you if you need to sign up for some type of training and make an excursion. Likewise, if you have to submit a request for each immigration process and you need to get a quick response without any objection.

You are at your best time to do it, and most of all, if you do it between today and Thursday before the full moon. I recommend that you take advantage of these days so that they help give a big boost to everything you want to get done quickly.

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The moon, already in the sign of Capricorn, is a few days away from reaching its full phase. So these days, it's a good idea to list events that you want to happen quickly and safely.

Also, if you need to make a business offer to new partners or friends, ask for a loan, claim what they owe for a long time, and even if you need to negotiate some kind of bonus with the company you work for.

Between today and Thursday is the right time to do it and get good answers. Take advantage of this moment and do not miss it.

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This process of the moon reaching its full phase on Thursday favors you to quickly identify different situations. In your case, if you are about to sign some kind of contract, if you want some advice, or if you have to do some judicial management; This should happen between today and Thursday.

It is also helpful if you are handling some kind of legal action in court or court, since the moon will encounter Saturn, a law-bound planet, in your preference for these procedures.

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On the way to the full phase, the Moon passes before the Capricorn sign so you can quickly identify situations. Especially those related to your work and health.

If you are thinking of confirming a work agreement for a new job that is very important to you, or you are looking for a job and need to find one right away, I recommend doing it today through Thursday because it will be quick and hassle free.

As for your health, I recommend doing a detox diet these days.

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The moon is almost in full extension by the sign of Capricorn and a few days after reaching its full phase. It is at this stage that you are well placed to stimulate the business or investment that you have been planning to make for a long time.

Analyze, refine, and grow the business you want to grow as your own or that investment you want to make and that you want to make quick profits from.

If you can sign this agreement between today and Thursday, it will be even better for you. Remember these are the days to stimulate what you want to achieve.

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The moon is growing as it grows, and as it passes through the sign of Capricorn, it can cause more sensitivity, emotional instability and a little bad mood in front of those around you.

But today, it is important to keep these discomforts aside and be able to concentrate on what you want to achieve quickly. First of all, your place of residence so you can determine it before the full moon on Thursday.

If you want to sign a lease or purchase agreement, I recommend doing so before the said day.

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The moon, in the process of reaching its full phase, prefers you to quickly and easily identify pending issues relating to contracts, signing documents and agreements.

I recommend that you do all this between today and Thursday so that everything is to your advantage. It is also helpful if you have a job interview or an important meeting with a client with whom you want to do a fast and productive business.

Remember that you will give these projects a very positive boost today. This is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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The days before the full phase, the energy of the moon becomes very conducive to making important decisions or realizing projects in an easy and safe way.

For your sign, this benefit lies in everything related to banking, loan requests, new business transactions, financial company signatures, and requesting payroll improvements.

Try to secure these signatures between today and Thursday. Remember, now is the time to step up quickly and safely what you want to happen.

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The moon passes through your sign and is several days from reaching the full phase. It can give you emotion in your passage, though you don't like it that much. In addition to feeling that your sensitivity is heightened, you can also feel inflammation in your body.

Therefore, I recommend you to do some detox diet. But in addition, at the same time, you need to keep in mind that it is a good time if you want to promote some type of personal project that you want to do right now that you can achieve quickly.

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Today, the moon passes through the sector of your most private astral map, the one you don't share with anyone. But you have to be careful because this can bring you melancholy from the past, which can keep you in this sad state for a few days.

My recommendation is to take advantage of the moonlight and use it to restore lost power and look ahead.

This is good and useful for you to prepare for Thursday night's full moon. This will be in your sign and will help you to leave behind those sad memories.

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The moon passes through Capricorn and is a few days from reaching the full phase. As this happens, go through the sector of your hopes and ideals that you need to be able to help those who need it a little more.

You think about it a lot, but you didn't dare move forward. Today I advise you that if you want to succeed and resolve your good deeds quickly, you must designate your working group between today and Thursday, so that all the work is very satisfactory. It's the perfect time to reach that goal.

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