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Tomorrow they are leaving to reject the murders of two extremists

November 25, 2018 – 20:37

The CTEP and the autonomous CTA will head for mobilization in downtown Buenos Aires tomorrow to express their denial and demand justice for the killings of Ctep Rodolfo Orellana and Marcos Soria's extremists in the hands of the police forces.

The mobilization of the protest will begin 11 years from Avenida de Mayo and will move to the houses of the Cordoba and Buenos Aires provinces located in the Callao promenade in this capital.

The conference groups are Ctep, Barrios de Pie, Clasista and Combativa Current (CCC), the People's Front, Dario Santillan, and the FOL (FOL). ,

The murder of Orelana, a textile worker from the CTP, appeared in the beginning of Thursday in the context of a violent police expulsion in the land recapture of the La Matanzza party.

In the case of Soria, who was killed the first morning on Saturday in the Ciudad Obispo Angelleli II neighborhood in the southern city of Cordoba, CTEP condemned that he was the victim of a shot in the back following suffering from a brutal beating in two clean uniforms.

The police version shows that Soria has committed a robbery and that in this context there were deadly shots that killed the suspect while he was trying to escape with an accomplice arrested.

"Violence and police riots are another element of government policy that creates exclusion, poverty and hunger every day. The violence exerted by security forces on those who have no access to land, roof, and work," Ctep warns.

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