Monday , June 14 2021

"Triptel, I hope we can play a game as serious as three days ago"

on Real Madrid, current three-time champion Champions Leaguewill visit this Wednesday at 17:00. Ajax in the Netherlands with the Argentines Nicholas Taglafico and Lisandro Magallan, in the first match of the eighth finale of the mainland contest. And in a preview of this attractive duel, Santiago Solari He spoke at a press conference in Johan Cruyff's arena and analyzed Meregu's options for the rest of the season.

The most important phrases of "Indiecito" for the clash between Ajax and Madrid:

– "I do not think Ajax players are going through a bad period, I disagree They have a good season. They associate well, have a lot of dynamics, very good players. But it's football, there's always a rival, and we have to respect him, talking now about Ajax's rivals, who will also have merit.

– "┬┐Triplet? I hope tomorrow we will play a game as seriously as we did three days agoAnd that's the aspiration of the players. We compete.

– "Sergio Ramos has a wonderful character, he is extremely competitiveThat's why he played so many games. This historic Madrid has a seal of its character. We hope to enjoy many games.

– "This profession is one, it's a match, then another, the next … Those of us inside compete, Tomorrow is a very important game and we put the focus there. We are less aware of praise than people who are outside, and it's good that it should be.

– "Marcelo or (Sergio) Regulus?" I can not answer yet, there is training and we will see tomorrow. Marcelo is great. He is our second captain and club emblem, He trains very well like the other players. We all love him and he works with joy every day and in every training. "

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