Sunday , August 1 2021

Two Argentines who could be quoted by Mancini for the Italian team

Not classify Russian World Cup, election Italy he chooses Roberto Mancini as an architect for reconstruction. So, under renovation on the team, DT I can quote two Argentines so they are part of the selected azzurro.

According to local media, such as Gazzetta dello Sport, it's about two strikers: Sebastián Driussi e Iganacio Pussetto, who owns an Italian passport and even though they are part of the Argentine youth team – they even agreed to the list – they were never called to the Major so they could play for Tanos.

The first River It was directed by Mancini The technician is the person who brought it to Zenit from Russia and he knows about potential players 22 years. Since its arrival in Europe, Driussi has changed 11 goals in 61 matches deputy.

On the side that is formed at Atlético Rafaela and continued Hurricane, his arrival at Udinese He seems to have placed it on the radar of the Italian coach. Although the results of the score were uninteresting – almost two goals in 11 matches – the game of his appearance with the game and has won a place among the team holders who run third to last in Serie A show their potential.

Since arrival Mancini a team of four times world champions, and with updates in terms of names, the results gradually emerged. DT accumulates two wins, three draws and two defeats and he can never convert more than one goal, so the need for a striker will allow the arrival of Argentina.

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