Thursday , June 17 2021

Two Australian tourists were diagnosed with A flu in Ushuaia

Two Australian tourists visiting the city of Ushuaia have been diagnosed with influenza A and are interned, although they are at risk andof the contamination period"confirmed the official sources of the Fueguino government.

Aliens arriving in the city at the end of the world as part of a trip through South America were treated in a private sanatorium where they were diagnosed after presenting compatible symptoms that both were affected by strain of AH3 influenza, "from the usual epidemic circulation", pointed out the sanitary authorities.

Visitors were interned in the same medical facility and had a different degree of development: a person remains in an intensive care unit and the other was already moved into a common room, although both they are stable.

When the restored staff of the Tierra del Fuego, the Australians arrived in the province by air coming from Peru, where they toured the cities of Lima and Cusco.

The provincial government stressed in a statement that patient attention is key the speed at which the diagnosis is made, from using technology based on molecular biology of which the sanatorium is available and which has allowed to face specific treatment only one hour after the entry of the tourists into the medical center.

Once the cases have been confirmed, the Ministry of Health has "applied the specific sanitary protocol for this type of situation," the authorities clarified that because of the elapsed time "there is no other risk to the rest of the population",

"The province coordinates the action with the nation's health authorities and takes all the necessary precautions," the government spokespersons said.

They also state that the flu is an airborne disease caused by the RNA virus, whereas the four types that are known: A, B, C and D, A represents 18 subtypes, including H1N1 and H3N2 they are the most common in recent years.

Human groups with complications from influenza A are more likely to be over 65, those under the age of 5, pregnant women and chronic ill patients.

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