Sunday , July 25 2021

Two were arrested after opposition organizations protested against the Budget – Télam

Sources of the Ministry of Security in the city of Buenos Aires indicated that the two had been arrested after attacking television channel journalistic equipment which covered protests organized by political movements.

Among the organizations that held the meeting were Polo Obrero, Left Socialist, FIT, Territorial Liberation Movement, CTA, ATE, Ctera, Barrios de Pie and aggressive trade unions.

The concentration is far from the inflow they counted the protest against the Pension Law, which was approved in December 2017. And that was registered on October 24, when the budget was discussed in the Deputy.

Meanwhile, the Citizen Unit set up a tent at the foot of the Congress monument, where he installed an open radio, involving national deputies Leopoldo Moreau, Horacio Pietragalla and Gabriela Cerrutti, registered at Kirchner.

Left organizations such as MTS, PTS and Polo Obrero and other nucleated forces at FIT are located on Rivadavia Street with compact columns.

Referrals from these spaces – like the national deputy Nicolás del Caño and Buenos Aires legislator, Myriam Bregman – formulated critical concepts of sanctions from the Budget.

In as much, by the way Hipólito Yrigoyen they marched towards the Plaza of the La Cámpora and Unified and Organized organization, referenced in kirchnerismo.

Around 5:30 a.m. and when deconcentration occurs, a group starts breaking tiles and throws them at the fence that separates them from the City Police.

At that time, Infantry troops crossed the fence located at the corner of Rodríguez Peña and Rivadavia and captured one of the young men and the other was arrested a few meters away.

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