Wednesday , January 20 2021

Unbelievable: She hurt Rykelme more to lose yet another game than the final against the River

Only a few hours ago, most recently last Sunday, River Plate won Boca Juniors the most important final of all: the crucial Copa Libertadores 2018 match at Santiago Bernabeu.

And this Tuesday, referring to this engagement, is none other than Juan Roman Richelme, the greatest idol in the history of the team that Guillermo Barroso Selootto still manages strategically.

By the way, star Xeneize surprised everyone and everyone, assuring the statements given to Fox Sports Radio that he had suffered another defeat that fell on a river in Madrid.

"It was more painful for me to lose against the Independent Del Valle than the final against the river, it's not easy to get to the final game", Richelme himself exteriori, in front of the atonic view of those present.

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