Thursday , May 13 2021

UniCABA: After the riots, tensions continue before parliament

Unicaba: Accidents in the Legislature in Buenos Aires Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massbrio

After morning riots by left-wing protesters,
the climate remained tense at Buenos Aires' desk, while the project was being discussed in order to create
University of Buenos Aires (UniCABA).

The Initiative
It has been rejected by the opposition, as well as by associations of teachers and leftist organizations that have been demonstrating since the early morning before the Legislative Palace.

Meanwhile, opposition groups are pushing for greater involvement in the design of teacher training and blame the initiative for "no legitimacy".

This morning the demonstrators broke the street fences on Peru Street while the city police ruined the enemy operation. In the incidents, a policeman was injured with superficial cuts and had no detained or injured protesters.

The protests continued in the afternoon, and about 200 soldiers were operating in the Task Force, and the legislature was still surrounded and surrounded by leftist professors, teachers, and left-wing militants.

Teacher rejection

The opposition stressed the lack of support that the project achieved despite the changes made since joining the legislature a year ago, the last of which in Article 13, which sent the ministry to form a "place to participate" in the institutes of teacher training of state and private manual "to offer instruments and indicators for carrying out the institutional assessment".

Mr. Jorge Dadaro, General Secretary of the Ademys Educational Association, told LA NACION: "We are camping from Tuesday to Sunday, we march with 5000 people from Pizzurno Palace to protect education today." One year, when the project was presented, we said "no" to Uniqa, and today we say no to coexistence, since a university has been set up that puts 29 teachers and institutes at risk, Buenos Aires has no capacity to take over all employees, "he said .

"Cohabitation is the slow death of teachers because it is the absorption and progressive closure of teachers, it is the same model that applies throughout the region, a tendency to overcrowding institutions," he added.

"After this march, if the law is approved, the struggle and the resistance will be in the implementation of the law, we will fight in this area," he said.

Carolina Tamam, a professor of technology education at the Institute for Higher Education (Professor of Technology Education), added: "When the project came out, it was possible to change the articles that teachers closed and now discuss coexistence, the risk is that there is less budget Vacancies would be endangered because there may be fewer learners or those who are inclined to uniqueness rather than to teachers Uniqua proposes cohabitation of both but perhaps this is the reason for the future closure of the revolt avatelskiya composition, "he said.

"In my faculty I enroll between 15 and 20 students per semester, low enrollment, coexistence puts at risk teachers with fewer students, the struggle that is ahead is to keep the budgets if Uniqa is set up, the Teacher's Budget, he added.

Ana Saravia, a graduate of Normal 8, a teacher who is already working in primary education, said: "We support the place we study because we are looking for centralization of education and this threatens the work of those who were our trainers, they must have decentralized opportunities, not all of the same place that Unibaba offers. "

Magali Borelli, a teacher who is already working in primary education, graduated Normally 1, said: "We do not know who will be the people who will train the next generation of educators, the people who are not in the project, the project is great, but we know about what it is about seems dangerous to us, I fear that the trainers have an ideology, what kind of government, the struggle will be wider, the debate under this law will not end. "


There were incidents along Peru Street
There were incidents along Peru Street Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massbrio

The strong police operation, located in the vicinity of the Legislative Palace and including the perimeter fence, is accompanied by a peak of pupils, teachers and left party activists who have prevented pedestrians from "going to all who want to go."

Unicaba: Accidents in the Legislature in Buenos Aires
Unicaba: Accidents in the Legislature in Buenos Aires Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massbrio

On the 9th there were the first struggles in Bolivar and Avenida de Mayo amongst the protesters who blocked the passage and the officers who work in the offices of the area.

Unicaba: Accidents in the Legislature in Buenos Aires
Unicaba: Accidents in the Legislature in Buenos Aires Source: LA NACION – Credit: Fernando Massbrio

Teachers and students camped yesterday before the legislature in Buenos Aires to reject the project promoted by the ruling party to create a teaching university and study the educational quality of the 29 city teachers.

With the square of Place de Mayo, a Hydrant car was sent early to the Metropolitan Cathedral.

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