Monday , September 27 2021

Urtubay seeks to join the Progressive Front to his armed opposition in 2019 and talks with Scioli – El Eco

Salta's manager Juan Manuel Urdubey yesterday noted that the opposition front rising for the 2019 election should be "wider than the Party" because it "does not reach Peronism" and said he "speaks" Progressive front of Miguel Lichsitz.

The President of Salta also indicated that he had spoken with the national victor for the victory front and former presidential candidate Daniel Skioli, facing the armed vote for 2019.

"This must be a much wider structure than the guerrillas, not enough with Peronis, we have to do something much bigger," said the manager of Salta, who is part of the Peronist sector, an alternative to Kirchner.

But his argument about the power that leads to socialism in Santa Fe differs from that of other leaders of this wing of Peronism as the leader of the block of lawyers, Miguel Picketto, who shows his differences with the "left" and "progressive"

The President of Salta stressed that "Franz Renédor de Mirentes already takes part in this space" of the alternative Peronisme and "surely the same thing will happen to the Neuthenian People's Movement (MNU), to the Yunos de Rio Negro, to the people of Santiago Del Esterro "and that he also spoke" with provincial parties that do not rule but have power ".

The opposite alternative

"We are also talking about the Progressive Front because the idea is to do something as broad as possible," Urtubay said in a conversation with Radio Continental, referring to the political space led by his colleague of Santa Fe, Miguel Lichschitz, with whom he had shown days ago .

In this sense, the Peronist reference point noted that "we have to offer a better alternative because things are not going, because the majority of the government said it would be."

"We are in the middle of the construction phase of the space, then the time of the candidates and the campaigns, it's been time to form a common space where everyone who wants an alternative to overcome, come together. from the crack – another alternative, "he insisted.

Talk to Scioli

If he consults, if National Deputy Daniel Skioli will be part of this armed solo, he said: "I have spoken to him, and he has to decide what to do.

Also, the northern governor ratified his vision that this new area does not include former President Christina Kirchner: "If we build space with Christina Kirchner inside, we offer nothing new."

While admitting that the stream of voices of the leader of Wyad Ciudadhana will be lost, Urtubay noted that he wanted "a different space, another proposal."

Finally, when the question of how to nominate the opposition front, the Peronist's reminiscence indicated that "the system encourages participation in PASS, which would be great because there is nothing more democratic than the fact that the decision was taken by the people. "

Opposition to his words

On the other hand, Salta's governor confirmed that he had "misinterpreted" his statements about the salary he received, but admitted that he could "be clearer," and said he would now pay his salary to public organizations.

Urdubee said this after the dispute that was generated last Friday when, when asked if his salary reached, he replied: "The governor's salary, no, fortunately, I am dedicated to farming, raising pigs and doing so in good years I do better, in others not so much, but we fight it.

Through the social network Twitter, Salta said yesterday that there had been a "misinterpretation" of his statements and that they were "taken out of context," after which he explained, "I admit that I can be clearer, but I do not acknowledge bad faith" .

"I affirm that thanks to our private activity, politics is not the basis of my livelihood and of my family, I do not live by politics, I live for politics," Salteno said, concluding: "To be clear I decided to pay my salary as a governor of subjects from the public good of my province until the end of my term of office. " (NA)

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