Sunday , June 20 2021

Valentine arrives at Pokemon GO with an event centered on the pink Pokémon

The Moonlight New Year's Pokémon GO event just ended a few minutes ago and Niantic has announced that the next temporary event is already underway and will be dedicated to St. ValentineAs happened in previous years, in the next days, the Pokémon, which is pink, will appear more often than usual.

This will affect Pokémon as Clefairy, Hoppip or Luvdiscfor example. In addition, others Pink Pokemon is more likely to appear in 7 KM eggs, which are obtained with the gifts of friends, and also Chansi or Pariogon will temporarily become commanders of raids.

The event is accompanied by a series of temporary bonuses to make Modules of bait increase their duration, so now they will be active for six hours, and each shoot will award double candy, which is always good news for the development of these Pokémon, which do not appear as often as a whole.

The Valentine event is already active will end on February 21st at 22:00. These days, we remind you that you can also take advantage of the Meltan event and this Saturday will be held on the Community Day in February at the Swinub Center, so expecting a few days full of Pokémon GO experience.

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