Sunday , June 20 2021

Vanda Nara's oldest son celebrates her birthday and they celebrate it in a great way

Little Valentino Lopez turns 10 and Mauro Icardi Vanda Nara they made it known in the nets. Look at the pictures!

The woman from the front of the Inter It is characterized by the fact that it is madraza with her children, as well as a woman who is very devoted to her work as a representative of Icardi, as an entrepreneur of her own clothing brand and commentator of Tiki Taka, a sports debate program in Italy where she looks everyday.

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However, when it comes to their children, their energy is 100% concentrated on them, a fact they show with all of them Publications enjoying themselves in the family and even more with the dedication he places on the birth of his chickens.

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On this occasion, Valentino, the fruit of his previous relationship with Max Lopez, has celebrated 10 years and was marked by her and by Mauro Icardi on social networks, as published. DiarioShow,

Check out the photos of Vanda Nara!

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