Sunday , June 13 2021

Ventura talks about the wedding of Rial DiarioShow

This Saturday, Jorge Rial and Romina Pereiro They married and celebrated with friends and family. Among the guests were the whole team "violators"Although the lack of someone who was a friend of the journalist and confidant of." Brunette rial, Louis Ventura,

"What did you feel this weekend?he asked Mariano Judica after he did not attend the super party.

"I will retire in this subject. I do not want to talk About a very simple thing, everything I can say will be interpreted and I do not want it. Everyone is aware, many people call me and I do not want to talk"The journalist replied to the driver of Involucrdoid.

" Jorge Rial did not invite me, but he did not have to"

When he saw a picture of the Rial family, he said:I see that the family is united as it is and you do not have to touch it to follow this postcard. Let's see the two sisters together and Facundo, integrated into this family, fills me with happiness. See the smiles of Morena and Facundo".

"I say it only once: Jorge Rial did not invite me, but he did not have to. He has lived his moment and is barbarous. Nothing more Basta. I do not have to explain. I live out of my place and this family photo gives me happiness. If it was just the picture, no; but I want this image to be transferred to their lives. If that's true, it's barbaric"concluded Ventura.

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