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Victor Manzanares, the most frightened of Christina Kirchner – 22.04.2019

The cause of Qa'erna K is worrying, like no other criminal proceedings, of the Kirchner family, of its former employees with greater confidence and of some of the businessmen who have done their fortune thanks to the state during the presidential management of the patagons .

The first objective of attempting to stop this monumental dossier, with more than thirty confessors of bribes and collectors of the same, is to achieve discretion in the court of this monumental case.

Dolores federal judge Alejo Ramos Padilla instructs the case of D Alessio and continues to investigate the prosecutor in this case, Carlos Stormelli, who accuses him of being a participant in what he calls a paradigm spy network that uses criminal methods for different missions and against various people related to the powers of the state.

Beyond the subject of the investigation in Buenosira, Kirchner wants to dispel today the suspicions in the case of Quaderno, which links him to the story of fake lawyer Marcello Alessio. The last head of the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) during Kirchner, Oscar ParilliHe said this explicitly: "Neither Menem nor de la Roua have reached the degradation of justice and intelligence services we see today," he said in a statement on Roberto Navarro's web site. a plan for armed causes and intelligence, persecution and political espionage, "he said, without providing evidence in this regard. Parrili also said that those responsible for these serious crimes were: Mauriceio Macri, Minister Garavano, AFI-holders, MEPs Elisabeth Carriou, Paula Oliveto, Security Minister Patricia Bourric, and Anti-Corruption Service Head Laura Alonso

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A group of lawyers related to leadership K, who actually participated in the Notebooks case, asked for clarification from the judiciary on how the statements of the repressed Qaeda were made. In Dolores, some of them were suspects. On Sunday, however, the impact on television, the man who, with his court statements as "accused collaborator", is an example of the difficulty of success of this strategy. That's what it is all about Victor Manzanares, Polo nickname.

It was, nothing more, nothing less the accountant of the Kirchner familythe man who admitted, gathered the kisses' declarations knowing that marriage can not justify their income in white because they come from rents with an excessive price of hotels and property they have received from those who have benefited from public concessions.

The accountant is aware of the details of the financial management of Kirchners' hotels and also acknowledges that he worked under the direction of Néstor Kirchner. along with former judge Norberto Oyarbide to complete the investigation of the illegal enrichment he had in his court.

Manzanares had presented himself as a repentant in the Quadernos case, and gave in his words, confirmations, specifications of important data for the investigation. He is a man of memory. In justice, almost as no other fellow juror of the Kirchner familyNot just because he told me how he was dealing with part of the multi-million wealth of Daniel Munoz, the most trusted former secretary of the clan leader, Nestor. Polo also revealed details of how he should collect Christina Kirchner's sworn statements when she was president. They were well done, he said. What the senator can never justify is that the money she has earned in white comes from: her hotel is hired at extraordinary market prices paid by public bidders such as a family partner in the newspapers, prisoner today Lazaro Baes. Or why another great wealth-winner, thanks to government decisions, Indalo Group leader Cristóbal López has the habit of renting properties from Kirchners at a price that is difficult to explain.

Mansanares also pointed to Maxim, the firstborn of the former presidential marriage, for whom he the person who has taken family finances after the death of his father.

These statements made to Stornelli, deepened by Judge Claudio Bonadio, who then officially approved, are just some of the findings of former accountant K, who can now add to other trials that will be held against Cristina. Polo is his accountant and "sings", as the legal jargon says. In a televised interview with Luis Majul, these words gained another magnitude. Manzanares collided with the cameras and could see that he was talking about his former bosses.

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It is almost impossible to find a judicial weakness as the central hero of Kirchners' billionaire attributes and their environment.

Manzanares, they say in his environment, spoke because "he feels he has to give an example to his family" and even "in his hometown, Rio Galegos." Their ways violate the Kirchner operator's schemes in justice. Mansanares is closed to the Los Sousse property. He also decides to "repent" to the prosecutor Stornelli, and then to Judge Bonadio. Polo understood that the lawyer Kirchners had set him up, Carlos Beraldi, does not seem to defend him too much. His new attorneys, Alejandro Bladini and Roberto Erera, accompanied the announcement.

Manzanares presented himself as "accused assistant" in a process in which he has not yet been investigated. This is added other singularityHe explained in court that he did not want this action to get out of prison. He wants to pay for what he has done, he says to his friends and family. And not with money. With your freedom, although it may improve your place of detention. He will not come out for now. Meet Kirchners like nobody. He's afraid, he said. Your family can risk, scared. His morality can interrupt the fear.

Manzanares is able to speak out of the memory of the KUITNY number not only of the Kirschner, but also of the collaborators of those who are now dealing with part of the silver K that remained to the south. For example, repeat that between the Néstor Kirchner identification number and one of his accountants, Osvaldo Sanfelice, there are exactly 300 different numbers. This memory was his weakness while he was supposed to be a harmless and loyal accomplice. Now that he breaks this ballast, his memories are his strength. In the prison and beyond, Mansanares reads and reads the Bible. One verse reads: "The one who speaks the truth announces justice."

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