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Vidal puts a package of measures to get the temperature at the end of the year – 11/23/2018

Maria Evgenia Vidal will present a series of measures to cope with the end-of-year temperature overcome by the impact of the economic crisis and the worsening of the social situation. The Governor of Buenos Aires will pay bonus for retirees and retirees from Buenos Aires who receive the lowest pensions, and will increase the bonus to keep workers for the first days of December. This is partly followed by the steps of the national administration in order to avoid social conflicts in the last month of the year.

Strictly speaking, pensioners from the province who receive less than 10,000 pesos will receive a bonus of 3500 pesos in December

Sources of the executive power in Buenos Aires said it also included the package of social exclusion measures for December $ 700 bonus for 300,000 Beneficiaries under the Más Vida Plan, as well as an increase of 15% in the amount received from coexistence homes and solidarity families. Households receive a monthly scholarship of $ 8,668 and families of $ 7,394.

In addition, the province Bank will keep a 50% discount in December For purchases up to $ 1,500 in supermarkets attached to Wednesday 19 and 23, and will include new benefits for Christmas shopping. There are 15 affiliated chains, more than 1780 points of sale and more than 4.2 million beneficiaries in Buenos Aires.

"Since we took over the government, we have committed to being close to all people in Buenos Aires and to accompany them in their efforts with concrete measures that will help them in their everyday lives", in detail by the Buenos Aires administration.

The Provincial Government will provide a bonus for 300 000 beneficiaries under the Más Vida Plan and will increase the amount of grants received from Coexistence Houses and Solidarity Families.

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