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Video: A mockery of Sebastian Drewsie with Dario Benedetto after the Copa Libertadores dec – 12/10/2018

Sebastian Drews, who is now Zenit in Russia, left the river a year and a half ago, but his heart is still far from the team headed by Marcello Galardo. Through social networks, a forward front broke out 3-1 against Boca and had a special dedication: Dario Benedetto.

– Come on, river! What was the holiday?"Doussie laughed as he tightened his tongue, imitating in the video the controversial gesture that Benedetto made to Gonzalo Montiel after celebrating the first goal of the Superfinal in Santiago Bernabeu.

Benedetto turned the first goal of the match, Boca's only goal. The disturbing cry of those with a club shield tattooed in their abdomen included a feast to the Xeneizes fans who arrived in Madrid and embraced the team.

The feast included a gesture (he was watching him with a mockery of his career until the final celebration) of Montiel, with whom Pippa had a cross during the match.

The aim of Benedetto and the mockery of Montiel. Photo: AFP.

The aim of Benedetto and the mockery of Montiel. Photo: AFP.

Dursey watched the game on TV, and as soon as it was over, he did not let the feast go to Boca's striker.

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