Tuesday , May 18 2021

VIDEO: Attracted minors with false casting to be forced to prostitute

These are attacks on "human trafficking". They used luxury cars. They acted in the capital and in the southern area of ​​Conurbano

The organization, which has plagued women, most of whom minors by falsely photographing photographs and forcing them to prostitute, has been frustrated by police in Buenos Aires province after several attacks in southern Conurrano and the federal capital. ,

Investigations and operations were carried out by members of the Berazategui district headquarters, along with the Quilmes Department and other departments.

Two women, one in 41 and one in 21, are arrested in the case, while three others who have been prostituted have been released.

The case began after the case of a 15-year-old who was captured in Quilmes by an apparent photo maker who cited it in a building on Liberty Boulevard in Buenos Aires.

"The child was forced to remain in private life and began to practice publicly, and her pictures were published on various pages of sexually suggestive proposals with great popularity, neglecting her true identity and forced to lie in front of prostitutes," one of the investigators said, "he is not only a victim of sexual exploitation, but also of child pornography and juvenile corruption."

According to the survey, the way this organization operates is to capture young women in the southern zone, namely in Quilmes, Florencio Varela and Berazategui.

"The girls were taken in luxury cars in private Recoleta, which made the screen simulating a manufacturing company," the police spokesman said.

Finally, there were attacks in Avenida Libertador, where the elderly woman who served as the regent of women for sexual exploitation and in a house in Eselta, where another artist was arrested, was arrested. career of advocacy.

Attacks have captured 100 condoms, 30 sets of erotic underwear, money and objects of interest to the cause.

Prefects, migrants and representatives of the National Program for Rescuing Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings also cooperated in the proceedings.

In the case called "Trafficking in Humans, Facilitating and / or Promoting Prostitution", UFI No. 1 and Courth. 3 of the Judicial Department of Quilmes.

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