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Video: Myth's passengers forced Rodrigo Eguilor to leave the train: "You're doing the bad for women" – 07/12/2018

Rodrigo Eguilor, son of a Prosecutor in Buenos Aires, charged with sexual assault and released on Thursday after spending a day in detention at La Alcaidea de la Plata, was forced to leave the train from the passengers Mirth,

– Do not do the spicy here, because you let go of your teeth, did you hear me? – You're all under your teeth. "You are very happy with the fact that you can preserve your mother's shell. "I'm from Congress, linear. with women? Do the wrong with me, "cried a passenger who was relieved by another traveler.

"He went through all the channels now, saying he did not do anything," the young man continued as Eguillo sat, looking forward, almost motionless.

At the next station several women insisted he go out: "Get out of the train alone," insists a traveler. "Get out of the skin, go ahead," added another woman. Eguilor came down and began talking to a policeman on the platform, "You're miserable," another passenger called.

Lourdes Segura's complaint of sexual abuse is not the only case against Eguillor. The son of the prosecutor of Lomas de Zamora Paula Martinez Castro has two other reasons, one for misuse and the other for cosmetics (engaging in networks with minors for sexual purposes).

The abuse is from 2016 and is in the Oral Court in criminal and correctional cases No. 9. With this file, the young man will face a court accused of "unfair violence" after a complaint by a casino employee in Buenos Aires.

But the lawsuit, which includes Eguillor, is not just a defendant: he appears in court and in other cases as plaintiff. In one of them, who is in court under instruction No. 7 porteño, Rodrigo condemns his father, Alejandro Eguilor, for coercion, because the man requested hospitalization in a psychiatric hospital.

The third and most striking is the one that Eguillor filed with the Court on instruction No. 24 of Buenos Aires, Prosecutor's Office 47, to denounce for violence and sexual abuse Gonzalo Miniere, Markos Torrelló and Balagger, employees and owner of the Jet disk, that he works in black as a public relations agent. This Thursday afternoon, the jet owner will testify to the court.

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