Monday , January 25 2021

[Vídeo] The Story of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Better Than Brawl? The Honored Emissary against the World of Lost Stars –

Super Fast Bros It went on sale last Friday and has been giving a lot of talk since then.

One of the things that most attracted the attention of the new title is undoubtedly the inclusion of an adventure mode, "The World of Lost Stars", where we started with the rule of Kirby and we have to confront Lumina, the enemy of the entire Smash University.

The inclusion of this adventure mode is a surprise because the previous part of the Saga, Wii U and 3DS, was nothing like that, so we have to go back to Super Fast Brody, a title that came out on Wii in 2008 to find something like that.

That's why our colleagues on YouTube have asked yourself the following question: is the Wrinkle or Ultimate Adventure mode better? In the next video, they compare "The Polar Envoy" to "The World of Lost Stars," highlighting the best and the worst of the two modes.

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