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In accordance with Personal Data Protection Law 25.326, we inform you that the data
the personal information you provide will be included in our computerized files. The same
are used exclusively for internal use of our company, group companies or
under no circumstances will it be given to third parties without your explicit consent.
Our data files are registered in the National Database Database they are
are protected by the security policies required by law
the rights of access, rectification, opposition and cancellation provided for by law may direct a
by e-mail at [email protected] to the attention of the database manager,
Attach a copy of your ID or other document that allows you to recognize the identity of Google
interested parties who exercise the rights.

By using our services you can get commercial information if you wish
Cancel your subscription by sending an email to [email protected] You can
a request to be informed of the name of the person responsible for the database that provided the information
(Article 27, third paragraph, Annex I, Decree 1558/01).

"The data owner is entitled to exercise his / her right of access to them
free of charge at intervals of not less than six months, unless the legitimate interest is attributed to
effect as laid down in Article 14 (3) of Law No 25,326 ".

Regulation 4/2009 DNPDP

Article 1. – In direct advertising communications, the issuing data bank must
to include a notice informing the owner of the data on the withdrawal right or the complete blockade or
in part, his name in the database, the mechanism that is provided for his exercise,
plus the transcription of Article 27 (3) of Law 25366 and the third paragraph of
Article 27 of Annex I to Decree No 1558/01.
Article 27. Section 3 Law 25.326

3. The holder may at any time request the withdrawal or blocking of his name from the shores of the
the data specified in this article.

Article 27 of Annex I to Decree No 1558/01

In all communications for advertising purposes that are made by mail, telephone, e-mail,
The Internet or other remote means to be known must be indicated in a clear and clear way
allowing the data holder to request the withdrawal or blocking, in whole or in part, of his name
in the database. At the request of the person concerned, the name of the person or person responsible must be informed
from the data bank that provided the information.

Article 2 – Establishes that no mail is sent
which have previously been requested or agreed with the owner of the personal data, should be warned
stressed that it was advertising. In the event that such transmission is through a
the email should insert in its title the unique term "advertising".

"The National Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Supervisory Body of Law No. 25,326,
has the power to examine the complaints and the claims made in connection with
violation of privacy rules ".

The implementation of Law 25.326 is mandatory for everyone – our data protection policy
The person is implanted and audited by the IurisTic consultant who has a
Free information section on this subject.

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