Thursday , June 17 2021

Virtuos talks about the challenges when it comes to bringing Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster and XII: The Zodiac Age Switch –

Many of you may sound the name of Virtuosbecause he is responsible for introducing several games to Nintendo Switch, such as LA Noire, Dark Souls or Starlink. His last achievement is Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which will soon be released in the hybrid console.

Thanks to a recent Nintendo Life meeting with the executive producer Lucas Codr and the major manufacturer Fang XiaoshuWe've been able to understand some really interesting words about the Nintendo Switch game development process, as well as its extensive experience with the Final Fantasy franchise.

First, they determined how "Grandiose" The answer recipients have received on other platforms such as PlayStation and PC. He believes that that's why Square Enix contacted Virtuos to make Xbox One and Nintendo Switch remelters. This happened in the middle of 2017 and they started working in December of that year with some flexibility in the calendar.

They also assure him bringing these titles to Nintendo Switch is a challenge, mainly because they had to reduce them to 64 GB. They say they have a small development team who has taken care of this aspect of recovery.

They also claim they have not touched the original content, although they have to overcome some user interface and translation problems. To solve them, they took the PS Vita's "quick recovery" feature to take advantage of its touchscreen. In addition, they have integrated the "key mapping" system in Xbox One and Switch versions to give players more control over the world.

They add that they had Japanese manufacturer with much experience to equate Western and Oriental development. However, they point out that it is difficult to develop the part related to the middleware: "Some specific intermediaries are no longer compatible, so we have to eliminate them or replace them with our internal libraries that have such situations."

In the interview they also confirmed that the development of these games It is more fluid than the port of the Dark Souls and they insist on the care they put to work on this type of important IP addresses: "The key is good communication with the client, both knowing exactly what they want and updating them on the road."

Finally, they share how they like reamers because they believe they give fans the chance to try these games on more powerful consoles. Still, they say they are working on developing new games, always trying to help studios increase the reach their titles can have.

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