Sunday , June 13 2021

Visible Blizzard employees were crying outside the studio for upcoming layoffs

Journalist Jason Shreder of Kotaku has learned that the company's employees have seen today. blizzard weeping and cuddling around the California studios as a result of the huge cuts that are expected today in the company.

For months there have been rumors that point to numerous studio layoffs responsible for licenses such as World of Warcraft, Diablo and many others who have made history in the industry. The reasons for this would be Activision's dissatisfaction with the economic results of the study recently.

Schreier also indicated that Activision Blizzard's financial results will be publicly announced at 21:00 CET, a time when layoffs that have waited for some employees for several months should be made public (always following rumors such as Kotaku's investigations , that the company did not formally notify them at any time).

According to Schreier's research, there is no danger to development teams, as Activision wants to continue to produce games by reducing road costs and the rest of the studios will be seriously threatened today.

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