Monday , June 21 2021

Viviana Sakone's Revelation: "All the time I get suggestions from men on social networks"

The actress, admitted in Siempre, shows that there are many suggestions from her followers.

Viviana Sakone said she was receiving love suggestions on her networks:

In the middle of the year he is in witches in Carlos Pass, the famous work that returned with a renewed cast, Viviana Saccone (50) gave a cell phone for Always show (City MagazineFrom Monday to Friday 20 hrs), where he talks about his bachelorhood and how he has a great success with men … Instagram, Facebook and twitter!

"Are you getting suggestions on social networks?" They asked about the cycle they were leading Noah Antonelli and Thomas Dente, – The whole time! That's the truth, "laughed the actress. "It's so much happening to me in the nets they tell me," why do not we go out? "She explained, but today getting to know people this way is not what seduces her most.

"I do not like going out with people I do not know because I can eat terrible mess, I can handle the barbaric pace and know the love of my life but I prefer to go out with someone I could pass a few words before to accept an invitation. "

"I do not like going out with people I do not know, because I can eat a terrible mess. Capable of the barbaric step and knowledge of the love of my life, but I do not want this to happen suddenly and must go through this bad weather. I'd rather go out with someone I could cross a few words before accepting the invitation, "said the actress who was in a four-year relationship with the actor. Santiago Garcia Rosa, 25 years younger than her.

Can you fall in love with someone younger than her today? – These things happen. I am not one of those who believe you have to go out and look, and I'm not closed or in search. If this happens, on time. If that happens, I will not stop using it, "he said. Viviana Saccone, making it clear that love lives without prejudices.

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