Thursday , May 13 2021

Waiting is over! announced the date of the first withdrawal of IPV – Diario La Provincia SJ

The wait was long, but it was finally over. This Friday in the House of Government was given the date of IPV's first lottery, from a dozen dozen to be held until 2019. The announcement was made by the same manager, Sergio Unak, who explained that this was a requirement that society has long done.

The first lot will be on December 17th and will be extended to December 21st in the Social Action Fund. There, they will throw the devil for the people who endeavored to live in their own home. According to the detailed, 1421 houses are located in Capital, Rawson, Rivadavia, Santa Lucia, Chimbass and Poitou. The manager explained that in Concepcion there are apartment houses located in different parts of the Great San Juan.

"In order to be able to put up sofas on how homes were delivered, a few years ago there was a great chance for 3000 homes that were primarily in the initial stage of initiation or have already begun, we have kept the grubbing up and the time has come to announce the equality for the first six departments, "Unnak said.

Those who get into the draw are those who register this Friday on the website that is authorized by IPV for this withdrawal. You can only register on this page to select the neighborhood of people who already have a registration number. This means that those who have been re-registered or registered since January 1, 2017 so far have been those who have already fulfilled the goals. Upon completion of the work and in-depth analytical work and data intercourse, the company has identified the latest details of the families that will benefit from their own house since March 2019.

Then the 17 most common basic questions

How long do I have time to choose the neighborhood?
From 23/11/2018 to 05/12/18, you have time to sign up for the web or our app.

When is it equal?
Provincial housing for Grand San Juan and Poitou is the day of 17/12/18

How many quarters can I register?
Only one.

When I get into the family ID number, can it be to anyone?
You must enter the DNI number of a member of your family group that appears on your registration form.

I'm from the department that is not from Gran San Juan, can I register for equality?
You can only participate in the draw if you have registered in Grand San Juan (Capital, Rivadavia, Santa Lucia, Roussos and Chimbas) or Pocito.

Can I make changes after selecting a neighborhood?
Yes, just enter your information and the PIN (four-digit number) that you received on the registered mobile phone after the first registration. You can make any necessary changes until 05/12/18

Can I make changes after the registration period ends?
No. You have time until 05.12.2018 to make changes to your choice.

What happens if I can not register or can not do it from the application?
Come on the ground floor of the Civil Center from 8 to 13 and our team will advise you on the procedure

What if I lose my mobile phone and want to make changes?
Come on the ground floor of the Civil Center from 8 to 13 and our team will advise you on the procedure

What characteristics of my family group determine the conditions in which I participate?
The number of years your family has registered
If there are people with disabilities in the group.
If any member of the group belongs to the security forces.

What are the categories of each group?
The different groups are:

  • Group 1: Recorded for more than 12 years
  • Group 2: Recorded between 6 and 12 years
  • Group 3: Recorded between 0 and 6 years
  • Total damage
  • Motor Damage
  • Security forces

What is the percentage of priority per group?

  • Group 1: 40%
  • Group 2: 25%
  • Group 3: 20%
  • Invalidity of the engine: 5%
  • Total damage: 5%
  • Security Force: 5%

Why do I need to register a mobile phone number?
The cellular phone number will be linked to your account, we will send you a PIN (four-digit code) that you have to save to make later modifications of your choice.

What is the PIN?
This code will be required if you need to make changes to the neighborhood selection.

What is the purpose of an SMS that arrives after confirmation of the registration?
This message is only for you to make sure that your registration has been done properly, and that it has no legal value.

Is the mobile phone number registered during the first registration to be on behalf of the same person as the head of the family?
Your cell line does not need to respond to some members of the registered family group. In any case, this number is automatically associated with the registered family of families.

Where will the results of the draw be published?

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