Thursday , October 28 2021

Wanda Nara threw Icardi in the water and player response is a must!


If there is anything that characterizes the polemic Wanda nara His focus is to defend his romance with Mauro Icardi in the eyes of the world (and possible adversaries). The blonde recently posted a photo of herself in the water on her Instagram account, with a "romantic work" that has been overshadowed by the player's reaction. What a face!

on Representative of Icardi she gets tired of the messages she receives on her social networking account, which has more than five million followers, and now only allows her husband to respond. However, the player's face did not go unnoticed and caused thousands of reactions.

In the first image Wanda she hugs her husband and their bodies and naughty hands stand out underwater. "There is nothing without love," the model wrote. Very passionate about everything!

But a few minutes ago Ikardi's wife I decided to double the bet and put a photo in which he supported the player's neck: "My favorite place in the world," he added. And her husband's face, be it from the sun, or be the expression caught in the moment; The problem is, his fans declared him worthy of a meme. And to them, the couple of the year!

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