Wednesday , January 20 2021

Was it all lying to us? They claim that Megan Marcel marries a pregnant woman

There is a controversial theory that ensures that Megan Markell is pregnant when she marries Prince Harry.

Megan Marchel hid in the curtain the fabric of the blue dress she wore for the first encounter with Harry

In recent times, the Cosmopolitan UK portal has spread a theory that the American actress Megan Markel she was pregnant when she married Prince Harry of England.

According to this publication during the wedding of Princess Evgenia Megan You already see signs of pregnancy for months, not just a few weeks. Until then, according to "experts" Megan I was already pregnant four months ago.

Only a few days later the hearing began to grow strongly in the Royal Family and only a few days later Megan and I rob They said they were expecting their first baby.

If this theory is true, Megan and I rob they will have their baby much earlier than expected. So far the date of birth is a big doubt …

Source: New Woman

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