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Weather forecast on Sunday, December 9

8 December 2018

The National Meteorological Service expects a day with partially cloudy skies and moderate winds from the northern sector. There will be a minimum temperature of 16 degrees. The extended time until Tuesday.

Deteriorating time

The National Meteorological Service (SMN) is expecting a Sunday morning for the Federal Capital and the surrounding area, with some cloudy skies and moderate winds from the northern sector.

In the afternoon there will be cloudy weather with a worsening of weather and probability of rain or isolated storms. In addition, moderate wind from the northern sector, following variable directions.

The minimum temperature will be 16 degrees, and the maximum will be 30 degrees.

Rain in Buenos Aires Weather

On Monday, the week will start with varying clouds and improved weather conditions with moderate to mild winds on variable directions, changing in the northern sector.

In the afternoon, a partly or partly cloudy skies, with mild to moderate winds from the northern sector that temporarily revolve in the eastern sector.

The minimum value will be 18 degrees, and the maximum is 32 degrees.

Tuesday morning, clouds are increasing and worsening weather, with the possibility of precipitation.

In the afternoon a cloudy sky is expected, with the possibility of moderate rainfall and moderate winds that are changing in the southern sector.

The minimum will be 21 degrees, and the maximum – 26 degrees.

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