Friday , July 30 2021

Welcome to Hell: the genius received that Pablo Perez gave the Indpendende

Former Boca Juniors signed his contract with the club and will be presented tomorrow at a press conference after a training session at Villa Domino.

Pablo Peres

Photo: @ Independent

Photo: @ Independent

This afternoon the Reds confirmed the arrival of Rosario, 33 years, in a "virtual" way through their social networks.

The official profile published a photo of the player dressed as Independiente and the phrase: "Welcome to HellHe also publishes a video of the figure of the PAM video player of the Japanese brand Konami and the initials of the steering wheel.

Perez will be the first to strengthen the team led by him Ariel Holland in anticipation of the arrival of Paraguay, Cecilio Dominguez, who will arrive during the week, will be in Buenos Aires to formalize his arrival.

The other footballer they want leadership and coaching is Peruvian Christian Queva, who insists on unlocking his exit from Krasnodar, Russia.

Meanwhile, the team is preparing for the official debut of the year, which will be on Sunday at 17.10 before Talleres de Córdoda at the Libertadores de América stadium for the 16th date of the Super League.

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