Tuesday , September 28 2021

What can you do with your smartphone today when you travel?

Take an important holiday accessory for your mobile

Holidays are one of many life activities that change from the look of a smartphone. Whether someone chooses to travel to a number of destinations, or rest in one, we cannot deny that the cellphone is an important ally.

Those who have traveled in the pre-smartphone era must still remember (and possibly keep) the maps they get and the tourist books they buy to take advantage of every place they visit. Or the queue they made at the booth to tell the couple, family members or friends how they did it, while they watched the phone record fall quickly.

These images, which seem to have really happened years ago, aren't really that old. The vertical evolution of the telephone that deceives our memories. And that is with the first smartphone, communicating with acquaintances or seeking information about museums or restaurants and becoming a much simpler task. But cellphones continue to advance so much that now there are many advantages to having a good device when you travel.

Works for unique trips

If until a few years ago we were amazed by the possibility of searching for information on the telephone about the best places to visit in the city where we do tourism, now we only need to issue
smartphone and point the camera to where we want to know everything. Smart camera from

Moto Z3 Play
It comes with Google Lens technology, with which we have quick access to reviews, opening hours, historical facts, and many more popular landmarks.

And because we are in that place, we definitely want to take lots of good photos. Until recently, tourists struggled to choose the best angle to make arrests and, later, they checked every shot. Thanks to the Moto Z3 Play you don't need to shoot four or five times. By doing it once, the phone automatically takes a few shots and then suggests the best. In addition, with Moto Mod 360 Camera you can take pictures at an angle of 150 °.

Moto Mods adhere to phones with integrated magnets that are strong and allow you to do things you never imagined. One of the most remarkable is the Polaroid Insta-Share Printer, which prints photos instantly. You can add filters, text, and boxes before doing so and the prints are equipped with self-adhesive paper to attach photos to where you want.

Traveling is synonymous with shopping. Or else, at least take a walk and see what is offered elsewhere. For one or another case, the Moto Z3 Play smart camera also functions to get information about products or services, because it recognizes barcodes and QR codes. You only need to point to them to automatically find them on the internet.

Finally, one of the biggest concerns of every tourist is the lifetime of your smartphone battery. What if it doesn't arrive with cargo at the end of the day? While it is true that there is always the option to stop somewhere to recharge, the ideal is not to depend on anyone or anything. The integrated 3000 mAh battery from Moto Z3 Play is designed to last all day long. But, besides that, Moto Mod Power Pack instantly adds 50 percent more battery to the cellphone. In this way, more autonomy is guaranteed.

Traveling is always synonymous with pleasure and openness of mind. That doesn't change. But now, it's also more fun and intense.

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