Wednesday , January 27 2021

What do the people of Madrid think of the Copa Libertadores final between the river and Boca in Bernabeu

At night the Plaza de Cibeles and its traditional fountain where its titles are prone to celebrate Real Madrid, becomes a big polychromatic spectacle. About 200 meters away, you can see the Puerta de Alcalá, another emblematic place in Madrid, and its blue lights, which are in contrast to those of Fuchsia and Green, which dominate in Cibeles. Since Wednesday, many fans can be seen River and on mouth arrived from different parts of the world to attend Sunday's least thought of the Spanish lands: superclassic, for Libertadores Cup and c Santiago Bernabeu, Alfredo Di Stefano, who knew how to protect both colors and shine and was an honorary president of Real Madrid until his death in 2014, would never have happened to him.

Infobae He made a study of 30 people walking through Gran Vía, one of the main streets of the Spanish capital, and the conclusion is that eight out of ten are aware that the Libertadores champion will be defined here on Sunday. mania. Out of these 30, only five will go to Bernabeu on Sunday to watch the game. and the five agreed that they are more interested in the color and warmth that both fans promise to give than both teams can provide football,

"I have already picked up my ticket and I will go because I am very interested in the atmosphere that Argentina generates in the stands," says Fidel, a 30-year-old Spaniard who says he is going to all the matches Real Madrid plays at home. "The only player I know of all who will be is Enzo Perez who was in Valencia," he adds with a black woolen hat on his head to fight the cold that is not cruel, but when he starts to fall the night he feels good enough for.

Alvaro, also born in Madrid, will be in Bernabeu because once I read an English article saying that you can not die without seeing an Argentine super-class. He adds, "The game interests me, but I'm more attracted to the captured show, you're special in creating a great environment." In fact, Superclásico, in La Bombonera, was the number one of the 50 events that every sports fan should enjoy before dying, according to a report in the English newspaper. The Observer,

Marga, a 54-year-old Spaniard, says he has "Argentinian relatives who are fans of the river and live near Monumental." "Do you accept them at home?" He asks Infobae, "They will not come because the tickets cost them expensive, they stayed with desire," he replies. "How could it be stopped in Buenos Aires because they attacked the bus from Boca to Piedrassos? I just saw this in my Instagram," he said, counting his source of advice. "I hope the violent do not come because we want to be in peace"he confirmed, already in alarm.
The 32-year-old Sarah walks to the 100th of Grand Viva with two bags of clothing that are also in Argentina, and when she listens to the River and Boca, she seems to be talking to her in another language. "Excuse me, but football does not interest me even a little," she apologizes, respectable and elegant in her walk.

Most of the hotels in downtown Madrid have a special character these days: they offer tickets for the Sunday final, ranging from 250 to 400 eurosThe streets of the city just denounce that the Libertadores final will be played here when the red and white T-shirts of the river are seen, while the blue-yellow ones from Boca's.

For others, There are no placards and posters to show that America's new champion will be sanctified here and therefore a potential rival of Real Madrid, European champion, at the World Cup final of the club to be held on December 22 in Abu Dhabi.

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