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What does alcohol do when it enters the human body?

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researchers of the medical school of. t Yale University, with the help of research at the. t Rutgers University, determine the effects that the absorption alcohol, According to the investigation, a glass causes a change in the normal functioning of DNA, which causes the body to search for a larger quantity of drink.

two genes to intervene in the intensification of the desire to continue taking away alcoholic beverages It's about PER 2, which influences the biological clock, and ROMS, which regulates the mechanisms of stress response that is generated in the body, the study explains.

In the case of people who consume alcohol excessively, genes cause a reduction in the generation of proteinsThis develops an impulse that makes people drink more in situations of stress,

Excess alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the liver, stomach and intestines. In addition, there is a risk that the body's blood circulation may change, which may cause it dehydration and headaches.

on Dr. Arthur Phrazao an article published by the Tua Saúde portal states that an average of one hour is needed for the body to metabolize the contents of a bottle of beer. However, in cases of excessive consumption ,. T metabolism requires a minimum eight hours,

Researchers of Yale They hope that their discovery will help detectionin the future the problems a person may have depending on the amount of alcohol I swallowed


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