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What is the gas of laughter, the drug consumed by Arsenal players – 07.12.2018

The images of Arsenal players, which pass through bubbles between them and inhale the content inside, create a scandal in English football. Although beyond the warning of the whole of London about the abuse of its stars, practice is more than usual for young people in these latitudes.

What are you talking about? For hippie crack. Or the gas of laughter. A form of drugs that has become modern in recent years in England.

Interestingly, the substance contained in these balloons consumed by those who want to experiment is a legal sale. It is only commercialized for minors.

According to experts in this field, the drug – nitric oxide, which is placed in the inhalation balloon, allows to exacerbate the senses and thus to feel more sensitivity when listening to sounds. In the case of Arsenal players, they consume it in a bowling alley, so it is supposed that there was high volume music

Laugh gas has a sweet taste and causes an anesthetic and dissociative effect that generates a state of temporary euphoria.

The drug has been discouraged by doctors because of the health problems it can cause, such as states of euphoria, hallucinations and laughter of laughter.

In the video that sparked the Sun and which was recorded in August, before the start of the Premier League season, you can see Arsenal players Pierre Emmerich Aubameyang, Matteo Gwendui, Alexander Lazazet, Mesut Ozil, Shakodran Mustafi and Sead Colasinak consuming hippie.

The only player on the scene but not seen as a drug is Henry McCarthy of Armenia, who even rejects the suggestion of a balloon partner.

The club announced on Friday that it would warn the players and remind them of their responsibilities as "club representatives".

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