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What was Lionel Messi's reaction to the Boca River against the River – 12.11.2018

A day earlier he had given another type of football – and a definition – with two goals in Espanyol-Barcelona. After a well-deserved rest, Lionel Messi took his trip from Catalonia to Madrid with his son, Thiao, his father, and Jordi Alba, his teammate at Blaugrana.

Messi arrives in Bernabeu with his son Thiago. (Photo: @ ImMESS10nante)

Messi arrives in Bernabeu with his son Thiago. (Photo: @ ImMESS10nante)

They were waiting for a box at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to follow the top of the Copa Libertadores between the River and Boca. Unlike Antoine Grisan, who appeared with Boca's shirt, La Pulga's preferences remained hidden. So far

The Italian TV signal from Movistar + showed Rosario's reaction to a goal that opened the match in Madrid, the one that Dario Benedetto made for Boca 1-0, which later lost 3-1 1-1 in 90 minutes).

What did he do? Leo stopped to see Boca's attack better when Naichan Nandes released the magic pass to Pipa and left the front line open. This differs, for example, from a Boca fan who was in the stalls just below his box.

"We take this opportunity to find out that Messi has a lot of Boca it does not look like," the spokesman said. Fast, the video became viral. It was the only image that was taken during a goal, as there is no evidence of how Leo lived the three goals of the river.

It is believed that behind the club of Newell, the club with which he has always been identified, Rosario is grateful for the river. There he proved himself when he was a boy before emigrating to Spain, and soon after Newell said he could not afford to treat the young promise of his subordinates.

Also, when he faced the River in the Club World Cup, he did not notice the goal he scored with Barcelona's shirt. Moreover, he apologized to the fans.

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