Thursday , October 28 2021

What's going on between Albert Barrot and Dolphin Chavez? Understand everything!


Many times it happened that couples in the movies started romance
in real life It actually happened during the famous romantic movie "The
Notepad, between the main characters Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. In our
side couple "Argentina: Land of love and revenge" raised seriously
you suspect

These are Albert Barrot and Dolphin Chavez, who took a break last week and went on a vacation together to the south, where photos were taken that had a lot of chemistry! There are so many people who believe that there is something between them that the actors have just become the cover of Paparazzi. The headline contains: "The Truth About the Love Story between Dolphin Chavez and Albert Barrot." You can't miss it!

Another of the show's famous magazines, which just launched its cover of the month, was People. On a weekly basis, they selected Ricardo Darin and his son as the main topic. There, the actors talked about what it was like to act and produce Giles' Odyssey, what it was like to work together, their relationships, feminism and even the situation in the country. "It's harder to be a father and son than it is to work together," they said.

She must
emphasize that Delphi and Albert have repeatedly denied that something had happened between them
them. Even last week at the Los Angeles de la Magnana showed a
video where they are seen rehearsing behind the scenes and see "pamper"! to
Regarding these images, Paula Chavez's sister said: "This is a pass from
letter. They do not spoil. "

"In the letter you have to kiss … I can't believe I'm explaining this. When sending text, there is an essay that is done before recording on stage where the cameras have to test the focus. And not to kiss you, because you will not kiss, if it is not written, you are taking the approach … ”, explained the young woman.

"That's a
a total disappointment with that, "the note replied, assuring that they were fans
of fiction, who quickly drew conclusions and expressed it
episode. "Sorry! They were waiting for another answer. It's crazy. I can't
believe me, I'm as surprised as you are …, ”the translator added with a laugh.

"It's crazy what we generate. I can't believe it, I'm as surprised as you are … ”he added. He said at the time that they were super friends with the Spanish and did not want to talk about rumors about the alleged end to their courtship. "The truth is I don't know. I think that's something he has to say, I'm not going to get into his personal life, I don't know how things are with her, "Chavez finished.

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